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Hallo Stovers,

This is mainly a planning post so that I know what is happening when. So, let me know!!


First off: November D&D

To avoid the September incident, when are Scott and Sally free to play D&D in November? The weekends are:
November 1-2: Fletcher and I are already committed to something
November 7-8-9:
November 14-15-16:
November 21-22-23: *My name is Bruce
November 28-29-30: Pretty sure Scott's going to be gone.

November is starting to fill up for me, so let me know when we should be making our trip over.

My Name is Bruce is being premiered in certain movie theaters in the next month and Bruce Campbell is going to be at the Main Arts Theater in Royal Oak (where we saw bebop.) Bruce Campbell is going to be there and give a Q&A session. (wicked sweet!!) This is going to be on the weekend of November 21-22-23.  (it's also going to be in other locations) Let me know if you guys are interested in going!

Also: December D&D

December is going to get here really quick like. Usually I would just wait, but since there is the new complication of Becky time, it would be nice to figure things out sooner.

Are we meeting to play D&D before Christmas? Fletcher's birthday is at the beginning of December, are we going to do anything?
Are we meeting at Christmas break to play? I really liked new years last year, can we do that again?
Let me know what kinds of things you guys are doing so we can figure out where we are going to be during christmas (in kzoo or berkley depending on your schedules).

Ok, that's about it for now. Let me know what you guys think.

And I need sally's email. the one I have isn't working.

You guys probably already know this, but Wizards is putting up new dungeon and dragons articles online for free. You have to sign up for an account on their forums, but from what I've seen the content looks pretty cool.

Here's the newest one:

and 4.0 is a big ole pile of crap. Seriously, no redeeming qualities whatsoever.




ha HA!

Let it be known that  it is I, Karen, who was the first to hold the D&D 4.0 books. 

Suck it!

6th-Jun-2008 07:16 am - Hey Stovers!

Guess what's coming out soon!

Walk the line
Fourth Edition was announced today/tomorrow.



Looks like next summer will see PHB 4.0, DMG 4.0, and MM 4.0.

God damnit; here's hoping all the 3.5 stuff won't be useless.
15th-Aug-2007 01:45 am - I'm excited, are you?
So, today a book arrived for me- Lords of Madness. I got it for like $10 on Amazon, used (but pristine).

In terms of Books of Evil Shit that now puts us up to:

The Book of Vile Darkness
Fiend Folio
Libris Mortis
Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss
Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the 9 Hells
Heroes of Horror
Lords of Madness

Of course, two more Evil-specific books are coming out this year (Exemplars of Evil, and Elder Evils) but, that's besides the point.

I think, aside from those yet unreleased, that just leaves Drow of the Underdark for Evil-Specific Sourcebooks. I'm excluding the numerous catalog of Dragons books (Draconomicon, Dragon Magic, Races of the Dragon)... well, because I don't give a shit about dragons. On the whole, I find 'em pretty stupid. Evil Outsiders= way cooler.

And yes, I understand that the game is Dungeons and Dragons. It (should) be Dungeons and Demons as Demons are the most prevalent of the foes, simply because there are waaaaay more things you can do with them then keep making colors of Dragons.

Ha, I just had to stop there so that I could update the Wikipedia article about D&D books (they were missing that last few Complete books, Heroes of Horror, and both Fiendish Codices.

Personally, as a Planar History n00b, I'm enjoying learning more and more about the Start of the Great Wheel (Aboleths= here before the gods) and its end, as well (Mindflayers= here after everyone else). And I admit, having taken both vertebrate and invertebrate zoology courses, seeing cross-sections and diagrams of abberation physiology is strangely amusing.
9th-Jul-2007 09:55 am - Battleground: Kzoo stuff
Yo, yo, and yo.

I've been thinkin' up more and more stuff for the campaign. Since Sally, Fletcher, Karen, and I will all be playing the game before Beau Beau joins us digitally (which works very well, since they're playing D&D characters in a D&D world, whereas Beau will be a d20 Modern character in our world), I thought I'd call for some info:

Firstly, as far as I know, Karen and Fletcher have made their characters (a Ranger and a Druid, respectively), and Sally has a Monk.

So, if you could post what you've got for them, that'd be great in letting me

A) start to build adventure paths and opponents for them
B) get a bigger picture of what's going down.

I will offer up this much. Right now, I'm thinking that the Druid, Ranger, and Monk will all know each other as colleagues:

You see a giant steel shield. Carved upon its breadth is the face of a mighty beast, the formidable Great Wyrm Red Dragon. Surrounding that most terrifying of monsters are the rusted gates of a dungeon. Stacked coins and glittering gems can be seen in the distance, just beyond the dragon.

"The Dubrowski Company. Delving into Dungeons and slaying Dragons for over twenty years!"</b>

Professional adventurers, of the Dubrowski Adventuring Company. You belong to the Southern Guild, and your particular party is registered as Patrol Arboreous. Of course, the party itself can have whatever name you choose, but it's common to start the name with "Crew," the standard name simply chooses a Planar Super-Power related to the Patrol name, but it's not unheard of for the party leader's name to be the Crew's name (ex. Crew Herschal, Crew Greenhilt). The founder of the Dubrowski Company, one Kahrl Dubrowski, used a comprehensive map of the Planes to organize his business.

You're replacing Patrol Elsyius (Crew Pelor, Crew Ursine, Crew Ayailla), who was sent to help the likewise destroyed Patrol Ysgaris (Crew Kord, Crew Hercule, Crew Zeus). In the Western Guild, Patrol Arcadis (Cuthbert's Crew) is indistinguishable from a religiously-funded group known only as the Ironheels. Of course, what goes on in the Western Guild is of no consequence. The Eastern Guild has Patrol Abyssiae (Crew Lolth, Crew Grazz't) (currently dispatched, with Patrol Mechanae (Crew Primus) missing in action.

30% (off the top) of your treasure goes back to the Company (they prefer your dues be in GPs, but all forms of treasure are accepted). However, they supply you with important things like Healing Kits (not the crappy PHB ones, but cases of Cure Potions and usually a wand or two of Cure Light), they enhance already magical weapons further (at a discount!), and they can send support if necessary. And, what draws most people to joining: Guaranteed Resurrection. If you die in battle, you will, at the very least, be Raise Dead'd. So, even a TPK is not the end!

Not to mention they can locate obscure scrolls and other magicks far quicker and easier than you can on your own...

Your assignment right now has to do with warriors clad in the following standard:

A pair of bleeding hands cradle the handle of a broken sword.

This symbol is seen as a tabbard worn by entire legions of Hobgoblins; it's been spotted around the neck of a Black Dragon, and more than a dozen ships have returned from Deshrak bearing its flag. Your orders from the Guild include the name Arctuul, who, as far as you can tell, is the big symbol wielding boss...
19th-Jun-2007 07:38 pm - Harry Potter?
Harry Potter is coming out on July 21st at midnight and I was wondering if it were possible that we were going to get to PA by then or not?

I was hoping to go with Fletcher, but if we can't get there....no big deals.
13th-Jun-2007 03:42 am - More ideas.

So, it looks like people want to do this here Battleground: Zoo. So, of course, when I go on my nightly walks, I scout locations that'd be good for such a thing. Google Earth will be handy, I say true.

Firstly: Characters.

Karen's expressed interest in a Ranger- that's any easy lead in. I was thinking that you'd all make regular D&D characters. Elves and Orcs and what have you, the normal shit. Us, the Zombie Stove, would take on the rolls of the lead NPCs- those characters contacts and such, as soon as they get into this world (my wheels started turning on how to make that work).

I was thinking of "Setting" the game in either Winter of 2004 or Winter of 2005. That way "everyone's here." I mean, there's no reason to stick to the truth, but, just an idea. I liked the idea of winter K-zoo, just because that was the original idea for the Zombie campaign. (I need to make a new version of that that picture I drew- cut out Mars and Ash, and add Beau...)

That could be the start, with something... different later on (let's just say NPCs that survived all this would be gaining class levels, be they d20 modern or standard D&D).


So, now, here's a question for Dubro; something to ponder at work tomorrow night:

Daemons. That is to say, the mechanic.

I figure, when the event happens that allows creatures from Oerth/Torn/etc. come pouring into our Material Plane, one of the first effects it has is that we normal folk suddelny all spawn familiars. Of course, they're just aspects of us, but yeah.

For the Regular D&D characters, I was thinking that everyone could come up with their character. Then, I'll type up the questions from the Golden Compass movie site, and have you guys fill 'em out in character and post 'em (so I could go back and imput the answers, to see what Daemon ya get, based on your character's answers).

We might have to make adjustments, like, if someone gets a CR 5 animal, and somebody gets a CR 1/2 animal (add a Spell Like Ability or extra HD)...

For the mechanic itself: Just treat the animal like a Familiar (as per the sorcerer)?

Again, thoughts, ideas?
11th-Jun-2007 12:01 am - So, gaming.

So, gaming. We've got the current Fletcher game (where, when we play again, I shall begin my army).

But, there's apparently been some interest in me doing some gaming, as well. The general idea is that we've run into the Problem of Epic. And that, of course, is the fact that the rules no longer work at Epic. And, this is very, very true. So, unless you want to be fighting Demon Lords and Gods all day long, probably either killing them in one round, or getting killed in one round, I suggest a new campaign:

Target level: 6-12.

I started you guys at Lamero's Pass at 12th level, but I was thinking of starting this one at 6th. Why?

That's the actual core D&D game. Most of the iconic monsters are built specifically for those levels. I'm not a fan of low level, but I think starting at 6 is a nice harmony. Characters far outclass commoners, but still are within the constraints of the world around them.

So, some ideas:

1. The Remote Campaign: A campaign set in the deep woods, the barren desert, the isolated mountain tops. Nature has gone mad; her Druids are no longer her favored children and creatures that were once always N have suddenly gone Chaotic or Evil (or both!). The weather seems to have a mind of its own, and that mind is a cruel one. Animals stalk for entertainment or pleasure. The very sources of nourishment are out to get you.

Options? You could be city-folk trying to turn this around. Mages and Paladins and Rogues trying to see why the Rangers, Druids, and Barbarians are all cowering in their huts.

Or, you could be a group of heretic wilderness dwellers that have been charged to go out and either A) restore the humanoid races to Nature's favor or B) Put Nature down.

Enemies? Animals, dark fey, corrupted elementals, etc.

2. Faeries and Demons, take 2.

If you read that MFT bit I posted, I feature a village beseiged by an enormous flying ship. Its dread, monstrous captain had a crew of swirling wraiths and chittering goblins that sacked towns, kidnapped the helpless, and were general dicks. Legend has it that the Captain Salvidore is blessed by the Dark Powers of a certain Demon Lord, and uses that power to travel from plane to plane, wreaking havoc.

Options? Revenge-seeking family members; the classic adventurers hired to rescue a recently kidnapped; a rival crew of sky-pirates with a grudge against Cap'n Salvidore; Celestials; Children that either escaped Salvidore, or lost their parents in a raid...

Enemies: All sorts.

3. The Zoo.

Another stab at the ill-fated Zombie Campaign... but without the zombies. What happened if Bugbears and Beholders wandered the streets of Kalamazoo?

Options: Rather than playing us, characters could be D&D folken mistakenly in "The Real World," having to make contancts with the locals (we could be NPC's ^_~) in order to not get shot by dubro cops... or anything of that nature. Locals that suddenly find themselvs gaining class levels (be they d20 modern or D&D standard).

Can you see it, the cemetery across from K, with some modern Dread Necromancer raising a whole slew of undead to march down West Main...

The black, ragged wings of a Black Dragon unfurling from atop the spire at Stetson Chapel...

Vampires clustered in the rafters of the Miller Auditorium...

Enemies: A well-rounded mix of D&D's most famous creatures.

4. Suggestions?

An idea: I've been reading His Dark Materials. Having got most of the way through the second book, the idea of daemons is one that I think could translate very well into D&D, be they as Animal Companions or (more likely) Familiars.

It could be cool to design a new mechanic where people can have a daemon (a sentient animal that is, for all intents and purposes, a person's soul. It has its own distinct personality, even thought it's just a reflection of your own).

Some examples:

Gojir might have Mosura, his dire-moth familiar, always circling overhead and warning him when Hershal's in danger. She offers him advice and helps calm him down from a mighty Rage!...

Shael might have Silver, his fox familar. While he keeps his eyes to the distance, Silver's nose warns him when danger is near. She tracks the latest undead threat and helps him plan the keenest method of attacked against a hungry horde.

Iiliam the Dread Necromancer has her snake daemon, Kylios. He slithers around her neck like a choker, tongue flickering and warning her when those around her are lying. He offers the perfect form to glide underfoot of her undead minions, and help keep control of her forces.

And so on and so forth. We could just use the Familiar rules for Wizard/Sorcerer, or we could modify them to make them more personally relevant to each character/class.

Just an idea.

Any thoughts?
10th-Jun-2007 07:40 am - Dear Internets

'Choo guys wanna play D&D this evening?

It would be super cool awesometastic.

And now no one has school. Cause everyone is all graduated, which is cool.

7th-Jun-2007 08:16 pm - Summer Plans.

Apparently there was supposed to be some phone call or something today with Sally/Alyssa and Karen. I gather this from the fact that there's a message on my answering machine about it.

Well, seeing as phone-calling usually never works for trying to do, well, anything, I have decreed that plans should be put in writing.


So. All info should and shall be posted on the Stove.

Scott is gone: July 10-16, working at the River Raisin Festival.
13th-May-2007 04:27 pm(no subject)
There be some Chimera killing and psyonics going on tonight, D&D style. 7:00pm.
11th-May-2007 01:04 am - huh...
Zombie Stove FTP

How did I not know that could be done?
6th-May-2007 05:02 pm(no subject)
D&D at 7ish tonight yeah?
1st-May-2007 12:27 pm(no subject)
Free RPG day!

27th-Apr-2007 01:13 pm - Some things to start thinking about:
Summer is coming soon.

This means more D&D.

This also means that people have a bit of free time to group up and have random encounters in New York.
Although New York may be a series of random encounters...getting there probably probably shouldn't be.

Thus, I am sending this out to Zombie Stove:
When are you free to go to New York?
How long do you think the trip should be?
Are there any non-random encounters you would prefer to have when we get to New York?
17th-Apr-2007 01:59 am - Gaming?
So, we haven't gamed in a while. Since I'm usually the reason we can't (to some degree), I thought I'd throw this out there:

This sunday, I'm booked (I'm going to a wedding in Chicago, and won't get home till 10 pm or so). But, next week is Final's Week for me. I'm done at 9 PM on Monday night.

Any interest in cracking open online D&D again? I'm itching to get Tanner to level 6, so I can raise some goddamn zombies.
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