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Zombie Stove
"I used to roll the dice, see the fear in my enemies' eyes..."
More ideas. 
13th-Jun-2007 03:42 am

So, it looks like people want to do this here Battleground: Zoo. So, of course, when I go on my nightly walks, I scout locations that'd be good for such a thing. Google Earth will be handy, I say true.

Firstly: Characters.

Karen's expressed interest in a Ranger- that's any easy lead in. I was thinking that you'd all make regular D&D characters. Elves and Orcs and what have you, the normal shit. Us, the Zombie Stove, would take on the rolls of the lead NPCs- those characters contacts and such, as soon as they get into this world (my wheels started turning on how to make that work).

I was thinking of "Setting" the game in either Winter of 2004 or Winter of 2005. That way "everyone's here." I mean, there's no reason to stick to the truth, but, just an idea. I liked the idea of winter K-zoo, just because that was the original idea for the Zombie campaign. (I need to make a new version of that that picture I drew- cut out Mars and Ash, and add Beau...)

That could be the start, with something... different later on (let's just say NPCs that survived all this would be gaining class levels, be they d20 modern or standard D&D).


So, now, here's a question for Dubro; something to ponder at work tomorrow night:

Daemons. That is to say, the mechanic.

I figure, when the event happens that allows creatures from Oerth/Torn/etc. come pouring into our Material Plane, one of the first effects it has is that we normal folk suddelny all spawn familiars. Of course, they're just aspects of us, but yeah.

For the Regular D&D characters, I was thinking that everyone could come up with their character. Then, I'll type up the questions from the Golden Compass movie site, and have you guys fill 'em out in character and post 'em (so I could go back and imput the answers, to see what Daemon ya get, based on your character's answers).

We might have to make adjustments, like, if someone gets a CR 5 animal, and somebody gets a CR 1/2 animal (add a Spell Like Ability or extra HD)...

For the mechanic itself: Just treat the animal like a Familiar (as per the sorcerer)?

Again, thoughts, ideas?
13th-Jun-2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
What would you thnk of tweaking the firearm damage a bit? I felt that the guns all had damage that was a bit to similar in the D20 Modern book. I thought that maybe using a bunch of d4s for damage would allow one to create more differences in damage. As for my character... I think I will do me. If it is 2007... I will just say that I was on vacation to visit other NPC's.
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