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Zombie Stove
"I used to roll the dice, see the fear in my enemies' eyes..."
they were just sitting there at the front door.... 
9th-Jun-2008 02:21 pm

ha HA!

Let it be known that  it is I, Karen, who was the first to hold the D&D 4.0 books. 

Suck it!

10th-Jun-2008 12:41 pm (UTC)
It looks pretty coooool.

The biggest changes I've seen so far:
Completely redone acquisition of abilities, over the course of 30 levels you now get:
2 at-will abilities
4 once per encounter abilities
4 once per day abilities
7 utility abilities (once per encounter or once per day)
15? or so feats (about once every other level)
That means no more funky spell system, no more useless multiple attacks

Flat XP per encounter, makes it much easier to calculate XP

Four 'defenses' instead of AC and three saves. All attacks are Attack type vs. defense type now. Ex: Purple worm's bite attack is martial vs. reflex, high AC isn't going to help against getting chomped and eaten.

Now you pick three or four skills when you roll your character, you get +5 to those checks and they all level at 1 point per two levels. Use a feat to get a new skill, you can also change out an ability/skill/feat every level, so you can change skills that way too. There are about 12 skills now, but most have just been grouped up to make them more valuable. Ex: Athletics instead of Jump, climb, tumble, balance.

I'm sure there'll be more, I'm only halfway through the PHB right now. There are a ton of other changes, but I would consider them non-game altering. Mostly stuff like bluff doesn't have an out of combat use now, (use diplomacy instead), removed almost all restrictions for being small, some races/classes aren't included in the core book (will be included in PHB2), some monsters have changed somewhat, like vampires can go out during the day, lycanthropes don't cause lycanthropy on bite, etc.

Overall I think it looks cool, they streamlined alot of stuff and took out alot of the nitpicky stuff, I think it should be fun. It's definitely not 3.5, but from how it looks I think that's going to be in a good way.

So my question is, when do we get to play??

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