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Zombie Stove

"I used to roll the dice, see the fear in my enemies' eyes..."

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Zombie... stove? What is this thing you have stumbled on, you ask, and what do we do?

Quite simply, this is a group for a specific group of gamers in Kalamazoo. We dun gone national! We get together over our dice and battlemats as often as possible, and this is where we keep track of our sessions and each other's schedules and wherabouts.

The group is restricted access. If our lore and game summaries intrigue you, feel free to friend/watch the community and enjoy the updates; but we'd like to keep the posts amongst ourselves.

And the title? Well, there was this animated stove, and a dwarf with a vendetta, and a zombie-obsessed ranger... you sorta had to be there.
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