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Zombie Stove
"I used to roll the dice, see the fear in my enemies' eyes..."
Battleground: Kzoo stuff 
9th-Jul-2007 09:55 am
Yo, yo, and yo.

I've been thinkin' up more and more stuff for the campaign. Since Sally, Fletcher, Karen, and I will all be playing the game before Beau Beau joins us digitally (which works very well, since they're playing D&D characters in a D&D world, whereas Beau will be a d20 Modern character in our world), I thought I'd call for some info:

Firstly, as far as I know, Karen and Fletcher have made their characters (a Ranger and a Druid, respectively), and Sally has a Monk.

So, if you could post what you've got for them, that'd be great in letting me

A) start to build adventure paths and opponents for them
B) get a bigger picture of what's going down.

I will offer up this much. Right now, I'm thinking that the Druid, Ranger, and Monk will all know each other as colleagues:

You see a giant steel shield. Carved upon its breadth is the face of a mighty beast, the formidable Great Wyrm Red Dragon. Surrounding that most terrifying of monsters are the rusted gates of a dungeon. Stacked coins and glittering gems can be seen in the distance, just beyond the dragon.

"The Dubrowski Company. Delving into Dungeons and slaying Dragons for over twenty years!"</b>

Professional adventurers, of the Dubrowski Adventuring Company. You belong to the Southern Guild, and your particular party is registered as Patrol Arboreous. Of course, the party itself can have whatever name you choose, but it's common to start the name with "Crew," the standard name simply chooses a Planar Super-Power related to the Patrol name, but it's not unheard of for the party leader's name to be the Crew's name (ex. Crew Herschal, Crew Greenhilt). The founder of the Dubrowski Company, one Kahrl Dubrowski, used a comprehensive map of the Planes to organize his business.

You're replacing Patrol Elsyius (Crew Pelor, Crew Ursine, Crew Ayailla), who was sent to help the likewise destroyed Patrol Ysgaris (Crew Kord, Crew Hercule, Crew Zeus). In the Western Guild, Patrol Arcadis (Cuthbert's Crew) is indistinguishable from a religiously-funded group known only as the Ironheels. Of course, what goes on in the Western Guild is of no consequence. The Eastern Guild has Patrol Abyssiae (Crew Lolth, Crew Grazz't) (currently dispatched, with Patrol Mechanae (Crew Primus) missing in action.

30% (off the top) of your treasure goes back to the Company (they prefer your dues be in GPs, but all forms of treasure are accepted). However, they supply you with important things like Healing Kits (not the crappy PHB ones, but cases of Cure Potions and usually a wand or two of Cure Light), they enhance already magical weapons further (at a discount!), and they can send support if necessary. And, what draws most people to joining: Guaranteed Resurrection. If you die in battle, you will, at the very least, be Raise Dead'd. So, even a TPK is not the end!

Not to mention they can locate obscure scrolls and other magicks far quicker and easier than you can on your own...

Your assignment right now has to do with warriors clad in the following standard:

A pair of bleeding hands cradle the handle of a broken sword.

This symbol is seen as a tabbard worn by entire legions of Hobgoblins; it's been spotted around the neck of a Black Dragon, and more than a dozen ships have returned from Deshrak bearing its flag. Your orders from the Guild include the name Arctuul, who, as far as you can tell, is the big symbol wielding boss...
10th-Jul-2007 02:14 am (UTC)
zowie! sounds like it'll be alot of fun. I can't wait till you all come down.

I'll post my character after work tomorrow.
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